We’re a small team obsessed with the intersection of traditional and contemporary. Initially a passion project, in 2006 we jumped into real estate head first with a strong focus on rehabilitating incredible residential and commercial spaces around Halifax. Now, we’ve got a portfolio filled with beautiful buildings — light, space, modernity and character are what we’re drawn towards.

Our rehabilitations bring out the natural beauty in a building. All of our renovations are very environmentally friendly, repurposing and reusing as much of the existing structure as possible. We’ll even use removed pieces as elements in new builds or design updates of other spaces. Every BlackBay space is designed uniquely, and no two are ever the same.

Both our residential and commercial buildings have options to rent or buy, and we have a full time property management team. We’re a dedicated team who care deeply about our spaces and the people within them. When you live in a BlackBay home, you live different than the rest.

You can check out our Residential and Commercial spaces, or Contact Us to learn more.

blackbay’s milestones









Everyone has to start somewhere: the first “flip” project was acquired.

Dreaming big, we purchased our first multi-unit building.

We made things official and AMK Barrett Investments Inc. was incorporated.

Noticing the growing rental market in the city, we purchased our first commercial rental property.

Jumping right in, we build our first custom home—a new lakefront property for resale.

Our first newsworthy moment, we purchase St. Patrick’s Glebe Property for redevelopment and apply for a high-rise development agreement.

Planning out the future, we acquire several large commercial development sites (currently under development & planning review).

Bringing everything together, we rebrand the group of companies as BlackBay Group.