Media Statement

Official Statement to CBC re. media report on April 13, 2023

Attention Nicola Seguin:

On behalf of BlackBay Real Estate, the following is our response to your formal request for comment regarding our property located at 71 Primrose Street.

As a responsible property owner in Nova Scotia, it is crucial to ensure that your properties are not only safe and habitable but also modern, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. When you take ownership of a property that is over 50 years old and has had no significant renovations or upgrades completed during the span of its live, we are forced to make required and substantial renovations in order to meet to achieve these standards. This is the case with our building at 71 Primerose St.

BlackBay has a proven track record in investing in renovations and restorations to ensure our buildings are not in disrepair. We strongly believe investing in the maintenance and essential upgrades of our properties is the responsible and ethical approach to managing safe and sustainable properties. In this case, the upgrades and general improvements are unavoidable and the scope of work requires that the tenants vacate their living space in order to safely complete our work. These upgrades will ensure that our tenants have access to modern amenities, energy-efficient appliances as well as safe and accessible living conditions. We appreciate being asked to temporarily relocate can be an inconvenience and add stress to our tenants. It is because of this, that we have gone above and beyond our legal requirements to offer multiple options to assist our tenants during this transition. We having always been transparent regarding our intentions to renovate and have acted in good faith to support our tenants.

By upgrading one of Halifax’s most dilapidated buildings, we are not only improving the living conditions of our tenants, but also contributing to the overall revitalization of the community. It is worth noting that several of the current tenants in the building agree that the repairs are necessary and substantial. Furthermore, we are committing to keeping 60% of the building designated as affordable housing to help ensure that our tenants have access to quality housing at a fair price, while also contributing to the broader goal of increasing the supply of affordable housing in the region.

Thank-you for the opportunity to provide our response.

Greg Smith
Chief Operations Officer

Please direct all inquiries to